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Happy Customers. Here are a few of ours.

I can’t begin to say enough about my Royal representative. Every time I call he is always pleasant and in a great mood, he never hesitates to look a product up, suggest an alternative product or make a special order just to make sure we are getting the product that we need.
Pat P.
Executive Chef & GM, Waddell & Reed
We have been using Royal Papers as our main janitorial supplier since 2006. We have been very happy with their customer service and on-time delivery. They are knowledgeable in the healthcare industry. Keeping us informed and up to date on new cleaning technology and cleaning products related to healthcare. Royal offers many product lines. Allowing us to use what best fits our situation. We have many resources, from the nice lady that always greets us when we call, to our sales person, and the driver that also knows our account! We also have an equipment specialist that stops by anytime we need training or when we want to try new equipment. It's nice to have a company that you can depend on. It allows us to focus on our business and do what we do best. We appreciate the great service and would highly recommend Royal Papers.
Patrick S.
EVS Director
Coverall of St. Louis has been doing business with RoyaLab for several years. We have over fifty Franchise Owners that clean large and small facilities throughout the St. Louis area. A good majority of them use RoyaLab for not only purchasing their janitorial supplies, but to rent equipment as well (carpet extractors, floor machines, etc.). The customer service we receive from your company is impeccable. You and your staff are always courteous and go above and beyond to service your accounts. If an emergency arises, we know we can count on RoyaLab to assist. We highly recommend RoyaLab without any reservations to any business that is looking for a janitorial supply vendor. We have been very pleased with the service we have received and continue to receive from RoyaLab.
Pam A.
Support Operations
I have used your RoyaLab products in our kitchens and I am happy with the performance and prices. Your service staff has done a good job of maintaining the proportioning equipment and coming in quickly to service any issues that are called in between maintenance visits. I would recommend RoyaLab for any school district's kitchen chemicals and service.
Gail J.
Director Child Nutrition
The Fabulous Fox Theatre has been a customer of Royal Papers since 2010. I have always appreciated the willingness, to stock and store our logo items in your warehouse. This has helped our theatre tremendously, as we have no storage. And, since you have next day delivery, we have never had an issue with an outage.
Jennifer B.
Concession & Beverage Manager
We use Royal Papers to provide the University with facility supplies, cleaners, towels and tissue, liners, and many other misc. items. We like their on-line ordering system. It has a lot of useful functions. Besides placing orders, we use it to track old orders, invoices, etc. We like the next day delivery, no need to keep large quantities on hand, taking up our space. We have had the same salesperson, driver, and customer service rep since we started with them 10 years ago. This makes it easy to do business with them. They know our account and take great care of us. Besides our sales person, we have a chemical specialist that comes out and does our annual Blood Bourne Pathogen training. He is also available for any other chemical related training we need. Royal does a good job of keeping us up to date on new products, equipment, and labor saving ideas. We value them as a partner to the University and would recommend them to anyone that wants excellent service.
Fred R.
EVS Director
I would like to share with you the professional experiences that our district has had and continues to have with Royal Paper and our P&G products. Just to give you a little background of myself. I have been with the Fox C-6 School District for 38 years and have had the responsibility as a secretary and now Assistant Director of Facilities to oversee and purchase the custodial supplies. The district has close to 85 custodians who clean two high schools, four middle schools and eleven elementary buildings as well as many outlying buildings. Over the years our department has used many chemical companies and of course even more sales reps for the various companies. As you can imagine the district has used countless cleaning chemicals and floor finishes over the years. For the past three years the district has used the P&G Products thru Royal. Our custodians are thrilled with the performance of the P&G products which we use in the dispensing machines. The teachers and other staff members in the buildings compliment the custodians on their floors and restrooms. We previously used Diversey but currently use Affinity which has proved to be not only beautiful but extremely durable. The transition from previous products to P&G has been smooth and effortless. The personal attention to our needs has been just a phone call away with a refreshing personable touch. In addition, the district has saved close to $14,000 this year with the P&G products, an added bonus which was not our top priority. In closing, I highly recommend Shawn at Royal and Margee at P&G for your cleaning products and floor finish.
Diana M.
Assistant Director of Facilities
The staff at Fred & Ricky’s could not be more pleased with our relationship with Royal Papers! Royal carries in stock a large variety of what we use on a daily basis, so the time from order to delivery is usually quick. Our rep, is incredibly responsive. He has been with us from the start of our business and did a tremendous amount of leg work on packaging options to help get us out of the starting block. Now, as our business is growing, he is always available with solutions as our needs are changing. When we have a new need, he comes armed with samples, prices, and delivery times to make our decision making quick.
Kathleen W.
President & Owner
Fusz Pavilon
We are a private nursing home and about five years ago we went through a major renovation. Terrazzo floors were installed throughout except for the residents rooms. We immediately began having problems with the floors because we were not told how to properly care for the floors. We had a few companies come in, but our problems were never solved. We happened to calla nursing home that we visited recently and their floors were beautiful! We asked them what company they used and they said "RoyaLab" and highly recommended them! We never heard of the company, but we gave them a call. The next day, Jason arrived from RoyaLab. He discussed our concerns, asked· many questions, and determined we were using the wrong PH and wrong products. We began using the products recommended and immediately saw improvement! He was very good at solving our floor problems, but solved many other problems also! We purchased the automatic paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, deodorizers, and most of the supplies we need from him. We also purchased two automatic scrubbers and a buffer for our floors. We also had automatic detergent dispensers installed on our washing machines through RoyaLab which has saved us a lot of money! We are extremely thankful for RoyaLab and Jason! His response time when ordering or a problem comes up is amazing! He goes above and beyond for us all of the time! Our facility is always clean and smells fresh now that we have the right products and equipment! We are not a multi-million dollar account, we are a small facility that just wants the best for our residents and we have found the best in Jason and RoyaLab!
Shannon & Angie
Nursing Home Management
I want to say thanks to you and the staff at Royal!! I certainly appreciate the first-class service you provide for the Hallsville School District. It doesn't matter whether it is a regular weekly order, assistance with making a product change, securing parts for our equipment, or an emergency special need the service is always the same---with a smile, friendship and professionalism! The online ordering is such a time saver for me. The web page brings up the regular specific list of items our District normally uses and allows me to quickly place the order. I also have easy access to all products carried by Royal through a simple search engine. The best part of ordering is that I can place the order on Friday and it is delivered on Monday!! The custodial staff does not have to guess about supplies needed but can simply let me know what needs to be restored to their inventory. A big THANK YOU to you for all you do to make my life easier and for all the times you have serviced our needs in a very timely manner. You all are certainly appreciated in Hallsville!!
George R.
OPS Maintenance Supervisor
I have used your RoyaLab products in our kitchens and I am happy with the performance and prices. Your service staff has done a good job of maintaining the proportioning equipment and coming in quickly to service any issues that are called in between maintenance visits. I would recommend RoyaLab for any school district’s kitchen chemicals and service.
Trisha P.
Director of Child Nutrition
I have been purchasing from Royal Papers for two plus years. One of the nice things about purchasing from Royal is the large offering of products and manufacturers they represent. On numerous occasions I have needed to source a new item and with the help of my sales rep it has been accomplished with a minimum of effort on my part. When I have needed information concerning an issue he has helped to provide information on a product or products that have resolved the issue. It is also important to mention that my pricing has been competitive and the fast turnaround from placing an order to receiving it is usually 48 hours or less. I think it is great to work with a company so invested in creating the level of service Royal is capable of delivering. I look forward to doing business with Royal for the foreseeable future and am pleased to recommend their services to anyone needing Janitorial supplies.
Rod H.
We here at Hollyberry Catering love working with Royal Papers. I personally have been working with my Royal rep since 2012, and he has always been incredibly helpful. He is always quick to respond to any inquiries, and he does everything in his power to deliver what is needed. Royal Papers offers a wide range of products that are competitively priced. One of the benefits that we love the most is that they have an extensive list of products in stock, so I can have them brought over to me in the same day if it's needed. When our company started our retail subscription meal line, they worked diligently to find us exactly the right packaging for our product, and then worked with the warehouse team to keep that packaging in their inventory for us. We highly recommend Royal Papers to anyone who is looking for quality products at a reasonable price!
Erin B.
Director of Catering
We deal with many vendors on a daily basis, but Royal Papers has proven to be one of the most reliable vendors we have the pleasure of working with. Royal Papers helped us coordinate a full-building transition to automatic paper towel dispensers, resulting in a significant reduction in waste and supply expenses. Your customer service is top-notch as evidenced by the quick, efficient manner in which you work to resolve an issue that may arise. We are truly thankful for the support, information, and wonderful relationships we have been fortunate to build with Royal Papers.
Amy H.
Vice President/General Manager, Bank of America Plaza
This letter is to recommend Royal Papers as a premier janitorial supply distributor. In September of 2009, Royal Papers worked with Georgia Pacific to install 248 total dispensers in our building. The type of dispensers were a mix of the EnMotion automatic towel dispensers, soap dispensers and Compact Coreless toilet paper dispensers. The installation was done professionally and in the time frame as promised by Royal and GP. To this day, we continue to receive excellent service from Royal. We are saving money because of the decision we made to use the GP products we worked with them to choose. I am recommending Royal based on my experience in working with them over the past couple of years.
Amy M.
Property Manager
Congratulations on your success! Royal Papers continues to be the best in the Janitorial Supply business. We would not be where we are today without your help. Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for all that the Royal Papers family has done for The King's. Your products are top quality, your service is "same day" and second to none, and your willingness to help our staff out in the field, or in our training room, is evidence of your desire to help us succeed as well. That is the essence of service! Thank you again for being a shining example of how to help others grow while maintaining a successful, and profitable, business. Thank you again from our entire team.
Paul C.
President & Owner
I have had a relationship with Mark Licata from Royal Papers for several years at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Mark has helped me with effective cleaning supplies and sustainable housekeeping equipment. Mark lets me know when there are new products on the market and lets me test them to see if they will work for the Garden. Mark will respond to a call at a moment’s notice to help out if I have a need.
Pat S.
Manager, Facility Support Services/Mailroom
I have had a wonderful four year relationship with Royal Papers. Everyone from the people that answer the phones, to the sales representatives and delivery drivers are friendly and helpful. Curt Muelken has been my sales representative throughout my entire tenure at The Sheldon Concert Hall. He has gone out of his way to learn how our facility operates so that he may provide the best possible service. My crew and I always look forward to his Tuesday afternoon visits. Even when we are bogged down with work, there is always a few minutes to catch up with Curt. We couldn't ask for a nicer and more helpful partner. All of the same things can also be said about our delivery driver. His positivity and outgoing nature are contagious. Regardless of the weather or his own workload, he always has a smile on his face and a kind word to share. The Sheldon Concert Hall looks forward to working with Royal for years to come.
Quintin R.
Director of Facilities/Event Operations
I have had excellent experience working with RoyaLab and Mark Licata. The customer service is wonderful. I have not found anyone that calls me back quicker than Mark does and I appreciate that.
Angela N.
Manager of Building Services
Since August 2012 we have been using the Proctor & Gamble line of cleaning products in our 493-bed hospital and medical office buildings. We switched our chemicals from a national/international name-brand company and are very delighted with the products and service provided by Royal Papers. Our employees love the cleaning properties and the light fragrance. We tested the #32 floor cleaner in patient rooms and our ladies immediately commented that the mop was picking up soils left behind by our former neutral floor cleaner. We have gotten very favorable comments from patient's and their family members. Our patient satisfaction scores went up the first quarter we began using the P&G products. As soon as we introduced the new cleaning chemicals to a patient care area in the hospital, nursing immediately commented about how much better the patient care division smelled. I highly recommend the products and the company.
Darrel H.
Director of Environmental Services
I am writing to recommend the services of Royal Papers. We have received excellent service at St. Paul Catholic Church. We have been very happy with Royal Papers service on our equipment. In addition, the warewash service also does a wonderful job on our kitchen equipment. We have been using Royal Papers for the past 15+ years, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job! We have been very pleased with our Salesman. He does a wonderful job and provides terrific customer service! He's always willing to work with us on products and is very knowledgeable regarding recommendations. Royal Papers products and services have been very reasonably priced and we are extremely satisfied. I'm happy to recommend the services of Royal Papers.
Jason O.
Maintenance Supervisor
It is my pleasure to write this letter concerning the professional and courteous service we receive from Paul Jr. with Royal Papers. We have been doing business with Paul for a number of years. During this time, he has provided in house consultations with the custodial staff on the products we use. They distribute Proctor and Gamble products and dollar for dollar it is a quality product. Paul always provides us with excellent customer service. If we have concerns, he will work to resolve any issue we have. He always gets back to us in a timely manner to answer any questions we have on pricing or delivery of products. He has also conducted informative in house seminars where he compares competitors’ products against their lines to demonstrate their quality. He is always willing to answer questions and representatives from the manufacturers are also available during this time. Also, we have had excellent customer service from Chuck in the parts department. He always strives to find the correct product and the best deal for our money. We appreciate his hard work and effort in saving our district some money. Royal Papers has been a pleasure to work with and we have had a positive business relationship with Paul Jr. for many years. We look forward to working together in the future.
John C.
Facilities Director
Westin of St. Louis has been doing business with RoyaLab for several years. Our corporate owner HEI is dedicated to quality and excellence for our patrons and to promote the Westin Hotel to be synonymous with lavish customer accommodations. In conjunction with our mission statement, the customer service we receive from your company is impeccable. You and your staff at RoyaLab have continuously given quality consistent, and personalized customer service. When an emergency has occurred, you have responded with a great sense of urgency, as well as going above and beyond the usual standards of service. We highly recommend RoyaLab without any reservations to any business that is looking for a kitchen chemical supply vendor. We have been very pleased with the service we have received and continue to receive with RoyaLab.
Josh W.
Executive Chef
I have been purchasing product for my business from RoyaLab for over a decade now. I am very pleased with the service, and customer support I receive from Royal. In the beginning years of my business I cannot say that about the other companies that I had dealt with. Steve is my sales guy, and what can I say about Steve?? We have been through A LOT TOGTHER!!! Steve knows me, and my needs. No, it’s not always been easy, but in the end all things work out. I know Steve has, and will go above and beyond to make something happen when there is a need. Tom in the billing and finance department has been very good to me. Being a small business owner cash flow always seems to be an issue. Tom has gone above and beyond to keep my account in good standings. There have been several times I needed a piece of equipment, and Tom floated payments out longer then he probably should have. I owe him a big thanks. Mike and Chuck in the new first class show room and service center are just down right amazing. The new center is very accommodating, and very nice. Like I said first class. Mike just knows his stuff and has always been very nice, and helpful. Mike just tells it like it is, and I like that a lot!!! Chuck has always been very helpful with service. Always on top of things. The warehouse and delivery team do a great job. I have had the opportunity to get to know some of the guys, and they are just good guys. They are always willing to help at any given time. I am the owner of The Wright Touch Co., Inc. I would recommend RoyaLab to any other business that was in the market to service their needs.
Terry W.
President & Owner
We definitely appreciate Royal Papers and Tony King, their Equipment Sales Specialist for their dedication to "Excellent" service provided to our facility. Always a timely response to equipment repairs and technical advice. If there is an urgent need for a certain cleaning item, they will get it to us. No matter what time of day it is, Tony King responds without hesitation or excuses. He listens, assesses the problem, and responds. If he doesn't have the answer, he will find it. Tony King is a man of integrity, knowledge and a professional. I would highly recommend Royal Papers to anyone because of their professionalism and commitment to service.
Charles J.
Property Manager
Always good customer service.
Rolley M.
Royal Customer
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If you are looking for janitorial products and knowledgeable people then RoyaLab is it. What I find most helpful is that they not only know about the products they are selling but also can help you figure out a solution to any cleaning need because most if not all of them have worked in the cleaning industry. I Highly recommend them.
Katherine G.
Royal Customer

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